We Are Anafora

When information unites with our inner soul it becomes knowledge. If it does not unite it stays empty, easy to forget and without making an impact in our lives. The fine line between information and knowledge is experience, the catalyst of transformation within the human mind . The taste of water cannot be realized through information, only by personal experience, so it stays a deep unutterable knowledge. When knowledge matures the vision of our life becomes clearer and more focused. When the vision of our life incarnates it becomes acts that express our way of life. It is a transformation that opens the mind to appreciate the being and the doing. Anafora with its vision of “uplifting every person the whole person” creates an atmosphere enabling many to experience points of light in their life. For them Anafora became a place of their own, a particular personal experience, as if everyone creates his or her own Anafora, seeing it from different perspectives.

Al Anba Thomas


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